We're changing
the way the world uses oil

Driven by innovation

We're innovators. We're engineers (and experts). And we're all dedicated to developing sustainable innovations for the oil industry—and changing the way the world uses oil.


Elsteraue, Germany

We operate two facilities in Germany, including the very first facility in the world capable of transforming used oil into sustainable Group III/III+ base oils. Both of our facilities are designed to accommodate our exclusive, patented process technologies and transform used oil into products and specialities for the global market.

Tampa, USA

Our Port of Tampa facility provides state-of-the-art blending services. It also features a high-volume packaging system—along with a dedicated jetty for water access and rail and highway connections for efficient distribution. But most of all, it’s our blueprint for transforming regional markets and changing the way the world uses oil.


Operating ethically, and collaboratively

We believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration. We're innovaters, and we're always looking for new opportunities and strategic partners.

Sustainability through innovation

We're committed to advancing sustainability throughout the oil industry and beyond.

Customers first

Our international workforce strives to innovate and deliver exceptional services and sustainable base oil and lubricant products for our customers.

We value science, curiosity and respect

PURAGLOBE was founded to pursue a bold idea and make a difference in one of the most challenging industries. Every step of the way, we've learned important lessons about the values that truly make a difference.

Guided by expert leadership and know-how

With decades of experience developing our exclusive patented technologies, we're the only company in the world with the capabilities to transform used oil into cutting-edge Group III/III+ sustainable base oils, motor oils, and other valuable products.

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Our committment

PURAGLOBE is the leader of the global CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative, which aims to promote sustainability throughout the oil industry and beyond.
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PURAGLOBE was founded on a committment to sustainability through innovation, and making the most of German engineering and American ingenuity. As part of that committment, we're also the leaders of the global CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative.


In supporting our flagship brand of motor oils, PURAGLOBE SYNTAINICS® is proud to sponsor teams that are committed to outstanding performance and sustainability, including: the Penz13 motorcycle racing team, the SYNTAINICS MBC basketball team, and others.

Learn more at syntainics.com

Partners Welcome

Innovating sustainable technologies can only go so far. We're constantly innovating, but we need strategic partners to help us and our customers achieve even more to protect our climate.

* PURAGLOBE determined the carbon footprint of its used oil collection and re-engineering steps to determine the environmental impact of the process. PURAGLOBE carbon footprint calculations of the re-refining process were verified by an independent third party, NSF International. This verification was done in accordance with requirements of ISO 14067: 2018, Greenhouse gases – Carbon footprint of products – Requirements and guidelines for quantification and communication and ISO 14064-3: 2006, Greenhouse gases – Part 3: Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions.
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