Sustainability and more...

PURAGLOBE is the leader of the global CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative

We've proved the impossible.
Now we're changing the way the world uses oil.
PURAGLOBE was the first oil company to process more than 150,000 tons of used oil into sustainable Group III/III+ base oils, while drastically reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.

Now we're leading the worldwide CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative and help support sustainable innovation in the oil industry and cleaner mobility and transportation.

Real Sustainability & Decarbonization (Not Carbon Offsetting)

Carbon offsets help. But our customers and strategic partners that support the CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative are making a real difference with intrinsic decarbonization in a truly sustainable circular economy.

By taking part in the CARE FOR CLIMATE® initiative, "carbon offsets" or "alternatives" aren't necessary.

And there's nothing else like it in the oil industry.


Unlike virgin oil refineries, we collect and recycle used oils, lubricants and other precursors—and transform them into sustainable base oils, motor oils, and other products.


With our exclusive patented technologies, we re-engineer used oil and other precursors, and help reduce CO2 emissions up to 80% during the refining process.* And with our commitment to Zero-waste refining, nothing else compares.

Base Oils

We transform used oil and other precursors into the most advanced, sustainable Group III/III+ base oils available anywhere around the globe. We offer a dynamic range of base oils to meet even the most demanding applications and specifications.


With our state-of-the-art blending services and custom additive packages, we can produce the most advanced, sustainable motor oils and finished lubricants for your brand(s).

Less Oil from the Ground = Less CO2 in the Air

Every drop of used oil that we re-engineer into sustainable base oils and lubricants helps reduce the need for crude oil—and helps reduce CO2 emissions during the refining process by 80%.

That's what true sustainability is all about.

A Difference That Shows

PURAGLOBE customers who contribute used oil and other precursors receive certificates for the amount of CO2 emissions they've helped reduce during the oil refining and re-engineering process.*

Partners Welcome

We're constantly innovating. But we need strategic partners to do even more to protect our climate.

Find out more about the benefits and how you can help.

* PURAGLOBE determined the carbon footprint of its used oil collection and re-engineering steps to determine the environmental impact of the process. PURAGLOBE carbon footprint calculations of the re-refining process were verified by an independent third party, NSF International. This verification was done in accordance with requirements of ISO 14067: 2018, Greenhouse gases – Carbon footprint of products – Requirements and guidelines for quantification and communication and ISO 14064-3: 2006, Greenhouse gases – Part 3: Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions.
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